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Exit Elena | Review

A Room of One’s Own: Nathan Silver’s Uncomfortable Familial Exploration

Compelling, observant, and uncomfortably funny, Nathan Silver’s latest feature, Exit Elena, is pleasant surprise, a testament of achievement with a shoe string budget. Appearing at first as a docudrama about a live-in nurse, Silver efficiently and swiftly gives us a fast paced exercise of fractured family dynamics, strange socializations centered on an abstract and mysterious woman, and a subtle subtext to ponder.

Elena (Kia Davis), is a newly licensed live-in nurse. A quiet and timid sort, she quickly gets offered a job to care for Florence (Gert O’Connell). Except Florence’s daughter-in-law, Cindy Akerman (Cindy Silver), neglected to tell husband Jim (Jim Chiros) that she hired a live-in nurse. And so immediately, Elena is thrust into an awkward family dynamic, lorded over by the extremely overbearing Cindy, who constantly bickers with her out-of-touch husband and quickly

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