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Gilly Coman obituary

Actor with starring role in 80s sitcom Bread

The actor Gilly Coman, who has died of a suspected heart attack aged 54, was catapulted to national fame as Aveline, Ma Boswell's precious daughter, in Carla Lane's television sitcom Bread, which followed the working-class, devoutly Catholic, Liverpudlian Boswell family as they exploited the social security system in Thatcher's Britain.

Aveline was an aspiring model with red hair who dressed in miniskirts, stockings and high heels. She was cosseted by her mother, Nellie (Jean Boht), and four brothers, who vetted her boyfriends and made her wear a whistle around her neck in case of attack. Coman gave a bit of her own dizzy personality to Aveline, carving out one of the most memorable characters in the show.

When Bread started in 1986, more than three million people across Britain were unemployed. Critics disliked the programme – particularly for its stereotypical portrayal of scousers sponging

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