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Independent film 'Souleater' takes advantage of Florida film incentives

Applications are flying in with the recent passing of the new Florida film bill.  The new incentives were put into play as of July 1st and the people behind Souleater jumped in with both feet.  The film is being completely crewed and financed by Florida filmmakers and investors.  Filming will take place toward the end of July and wrap in a couple weeks thereafter. 

Souleater, a horror flick (obviously), qualifies in the ultra-low budget bracket of the film bill.  Meaning, the production budget is no more than $200K.  Florida is one of the few states where an indie film such as this, can take advantage of the incentives.  Before you scoff and/or dismiss a movie carrying a low budget.  Keep in mind the original Halloween, now a timeless classic, was made for roughly $320K.  So let's give Souleater a fair shake.

With the new film bill being passed a few months back,

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