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Judith Crist obituary

Film reviewer and broadcaster with the common touch, she was feared by directors and dismissed by auteurist critics

Judith Crist, who has died aged 90, was, at one stage, probably the most widely read, listened to and watched film critic in the world. At least, due to her appearances on the early morning Us television show Today and her reviews in the weekly magazine TV Guide, which had a huge circulation of 17m in its heyday, she was the American film critic with the largest appeal to a mass audience.

Crist, who called herself a "journalistic reviewer", knew what the public wanted and catered to them. She had no truck with "cerebral" film theorists, nor auteurists such as Andrew Sarris, nor feminist critics such as Molly Haskell. Her idols were James Agee, Otis Ferguson and Frank Nugent, solid writers in the literary tradition. "If you're going to be a movie fan,

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