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If Weezer Doesn't Go With Heavy Mental, Here Are Some Punny Alternatives

There is big news coming out of the Weezer camp. Even though they've been busy on the road, they've got a new album ready to go that frontman Rivers Cuomo says will have "more raw rock energy." Though the collection — which will be the band's eighth and their first away from Geffen Records — still does not have a title, Cuomo told a Connecticut newspaper that he is (perhaps jokingly) contemplating Heavy Mental as a name.

That title works on a million different levels. It taps into Cuomo's love for hard rock (his favorite band of all time is Kiss), is a delightful pun and is also the name of an album by woefully underrated Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest. (No, seriously.) Just in case Cuomo cools on Heavy Mental, here are some suggestions for album titles in a number of different categories.

Metal Tributes

Bang Your Head

Goes to 11


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