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Christopher Lambert Dusts off His Rapiers for a Wild Ride Through Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Alt' PosterThe release of Metamorphosis, starring Christopher Lambert, is only a few weeks away and the film now has a high quality trailer and second poster seen left. Mti Home Video will distribute and the film involves supernatural forces, vampires and some unlucky American backpackers. Break out the swords for this clip of Metamorphosis inside.

The trailer for Metamorphosis here:

"While researching the legend of the Blood Countess, in the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains, three young Americans pick up an attractive stranger who will take them on the journey of their lives. From a mountain fortress, they must outwit and elude the Vampire and supernatural forces closing in on them. As the fast-paced, horrifying action accelerates, the pieces of an ancient puzzle begin to fall into place" (28Dla).

Release Date: August 10th (DVD).

Director: Jenö Hodi

Writers: Tibor Fonyodi, and Jeno Hodi.

Cast: Christopher Lambert, Corey Sevier, Charlie Holloway and Irena A. Hoffman.

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