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Could Spiders 3D Be As Great As This New One-Sheet Hints?

Tibor Takács isn't typically known for crafting what could be considered as “great” films. Ice Spiders, Mega Snake, The Black Hole, Mansquito... we're not exactly discussing blockbuster magic here. However, there have been some recent rumblings of a potential theatrical release for Spiders 3D, and after spotting this brand new one-sheet for the flick, I'll confess my curiosity: the pic you're about to glimpse below looks downright bad ass. Spiders 3D still lacks an official release date, or any serious release details for that matter. What we do know is post-production is rumored to be reaching a close, and regardless of what the film does or doesn't offer, we'll likely be seeing it soon, on one platform or another.

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