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Exclusive Interview with Screenwriter-Filmmaker Sharath Haridasan

Screenwriters often don’t recognized even when they deserve appreciations patently because it’s a situation of praising actors and other technicians alone. Precisely, the credits of Screenwriters literally goes unnoticed under such scenarios, nonetheless, here comes a talented screenwriter from God’s own country, who has won laurels for his spellbinding screenplay for the film ‘Ananthapurathu Veedu’ as his earnest efforts have turned spotlights on him.

Of course, he holds special mentions for having generated a new-dimensioned supernatural thriller of blending fun, frolic, emotions and twists. The young screenwriter feels so invigorated for having worked with versatile screenwriter Indira Soundarajan in this film.

We bring you an exclusive interview with Sharath Haridasan, an avid ad filmmaker and screenwriter, who is all set to make his debut directorial with ‘Jayakumaranin Thiraikadhai’…

Can you just share your previous experiences before getting into films?

I had been a freelance copywriter in advertising

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