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Fatal Games (1984) Movie Review

By Chris Wright,

Fatal Games (1984) Movie Review

Directed By: Michael Elliot

Written By Rafael Bunuel & Michael Elliot

Starring: Sally Kirkland (Diane), Lynn Banashek (Annie Rivers), Sean Masterson (Phil Dandridge), Michael O’Leary (Frank Agee), Teal Roberts (Lynn Fox), Spice Williams-Crosby (Coach Drew), Melissa Prophet (Nancy Wilson), Angela Bennett (Sue Allen Baines), Nicholas Love (Joe Ward), Lauretta Murphy (Shelly), Michael Elliot (Dr. Jordine), Christopher Mankiewicz (Coach Webber)

Stick with the Olympics! This movie is a game of fatally flawed, slow mayhem. Coming at the end of the slasher peaks in the 1980s, “Fatal Games” attempts to be different but is too flawed to even find enjoyable.

Michael Elliot’s direction could use polishing but this was the only movie he did thank goodness. This movie has only been released by Media Home Entertainment on VHS.

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