Abe Forsythe Calls Ed Hardy's Bluff With Prick

We all know the type: misogynist douchebag guys decked out in Ed Hardy gear who party hard in packs, fist-bumping at the bar, and bump-grinding up against women as if they owned them -- all while feigning homoeroticism to their mates, and preening themselves in nightclub mirrors. Well, finally they have their own short film. Or short, more appropriately. For years Abe Forsythe has been one of the most interesting Aussie filmmakers. He made his debut feature Computer Boy and uploaded it online in 2000, where it gained a rather large cult following. He followed up with the best stoner movie about Ned Kelly (sorry Yahoo Serious). He's also made a stack of hugely popular short films and ads, including Shock, which won Sydney's Tropfest in 2010. Rather than take the predictable route into mainstream comedy, Abe has...

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