Saturday Nightmares: Trapped Is a Sleazy, Backwoods Canuxploitation Tale of Vengeance

One of the challenges of writing a weekly article is picking the right subject. I didn't have much time to contemplate it this week and hadn't settled on one until Thursday evening. I knew I'd be out of luck if my choice didn't deliver, but after reading the back of the box, I figured I couldn't miss.

Damn you, Code Red.

It's not that Trapped (aka Baker County U.S.A. - a much better title) is a bad film, but Code Red's comparison to Wrong Turn is fallacious. Yes, this involves college kids in the woods. And that's about the best you can do with similarities. As such, this week's Saturday Nightmares is a bit light on the nightmares part, and I do apologize. But it was either write this up or skip a week - and I've skipped so many of them over the last two years that

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