DVD Review - Ghost Stories from the BBC: The Stalls of Barchester / A Warning to the Curious

Simon Moore reviews Ghost Stories: Classic Adaptations from the BBC - Volume 2...

The Stalls of Barchester, 1971.

Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Starring Clive Swift, Will Leighton, Robert Hardy, Thelma Barlow and Harold Bennett.

A Warning to the Curious, 1972.

Directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark.

Starring Peter Vaughan, Clive Swift, Julian Herrington, John Kearney, David Cargill and George Benson.

There was an annual series in the ‘70s, called A Ghost Story for Christmas. The Stalls of Barchester really deserves a re-screening in its original slot , just before midnight on Christmas Eve. It’s a tale of dark thoughts and darker deeds, so if at all possible (or bearable), turn out all the lights in the house to put yourself in a suitably jittery state of mind.

In 1932, a library cataloguer, Dr Black (Clive Swift) delves into the mystery of a priest’s mysterious death some 50 years before. Hidden amongst the dull

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