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Green Screen Lab: Diary 10

“My grandma never attended a script writing course. But she was an engaging story teller,” Kamlesh Pandey said enthusiastically. The 5th day at Green Screen Lab in Bhubaneshwar has a new chirpy guest who has written some of the most gripping scripts of the Indian cinema like Tezaab and Rang De Basanti. We were all thrilled and enlightened with his anecdotes and views on script writing and Bollywood screenplays. His insights provoked us to look at our scripts with a new lens. The hurdles in crossing an ocean of imagination to reach the shore with a superior screenplay, never seems to end.

Children cinema is very rare and the few good films I have seen are Iranian. The only Indian children film I have watched in the last decade was a short film called Girni by Umesh Kulkarni and a feature film I am Kalam directed by Nila Madhab Panda

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