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Metamorphosis and Disconnection: A Movie Review

Metamorphosis DVD ArtDirector: Jeno Hodi.

Writers: Tibor Fonyodi, Allan Katz and Jeno Hodi.

The Countess Elizabeth Bathory is a person of such infamy that even today her misdeeds are told in cinema and story. Bathory bathed in pheasants blood and is likely the most deadly serial killers of all time, with up to 600 deaths attributed to her name. Her exploits have been documented in at least a dozen films, with Metamorphosis one of the most recent (Moira). An interesting subject does not always transition to cinema, however. A review at the website Moira places Metamorphosis on the site's five worst films from 2007 and this review will not attempt to sway this objective and accurate critique of the film. To release on DVD August 24th, through Mti Home Video, Metamorphosis is dreary, uninspiring and there really is nothing here that has not been tried before.

Metamorphosis begins with three Americans travelling through Hungary,

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