Puppet Master II and III Blu-ray Trailers

Full Moon Features recently announced that more of their cult horror titles would be released on Blu-ray. The first batch includes the first three Puppet Master movies available on Blu-ray individually or in a three-disc set. We have release details, plus a look at the HD-remastered trailers for all three films.

For over thirty years Charles Band has been creating modern day horror classics such as Puppetmaster, Trancers and Subspecies. According to Charles Band, Chairman and Founder of Full Moon Features, “After testing the Blu-ray market with the original Puppetmaster, and Subspecies, Full moon will move forward with additional Blu-ray releases of the best selling titles in the Full Moon catalog. The fan response has been overwhelming in support of Blu-ray, and they are demanding more. Featuring wide-screen 16:9 fully remastered picture and sound, these transfers have never looked more beautiful, and we’ll re-release the titles on DVD as well.

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