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Eric Roberts Really Wants You to Have a Killer Weekend

Oh, Eric Roberts. While many are quick to poke fun at your “career”, yours truly will always be there with cash in hand to witness whatever cinematic atrocity you’re currently promoting. Before you catch the frequently-maligned actor in “The Expendables” and “Celebrity Rehab”, why not take 90 minutes out of your busy schedule to investigate Fabien Pruvot’s “Killer Weekend”, which should arrive upon digital video discs across the nation on August 10th. The trailer positioned below is actually kind of amusing, though this is coming from someone who went out of his way to locate a copy of “Mega Piranha” after missing its debut on SyFy. Feel free to run screaming from the post if the urge strikes you. Here’s a quick rundown of the plot: An abusive husband (Eric Roberts) invites several couples to his sprawling mansion with the intent of murdering them all one by one.

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