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The Watermen and Floundering Like a Fish Out of Water: A Movie Review

Director/writer: Matt L. Lockhart. Cast: Jason Mewes, Richard Riehle, Floyd Abel, Blakely Bunnell, Scott Davis, Joy Glass, Luke Guldan, Tara Heston, Tyler Johnson, Joe Monds, and Ashley Myers. Tagline: "In the middle of the ocean, there's nowhere to run." The Watermen is a smallish horror film from first time feature film director Matt L. Lockhart. This film notably stars Jason Mewes (Clerks) and Richard Riehle (Chillerama) in what can be considered a floundering serial killer film. The acting, soundtrack and story are lackluster. Only the shooting style stands out and The Watermen should stay in the deep where it belongs. The film's story is very flimsy. Some mumbling fishermen chase, capture and kill residents to create the best bait in the area. This seems like a very hard way to make very little money. Yet, the Cajun sounding killers set their eyes on six friends. These friends are on

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