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Check Out Kerry Prior’s Interview on “The Revenant”

Check Out Kerry Prior’s Interview on “The Revenant”

We’ve been loving The Revenant for awhile now, and Fangoria has also been on the love fest of Kerry Prior’s horror comedy, and recently interviewed the director about the film that took horror festivals by storm and is now getting a limited release and is available on demand. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here, but I cobbled them both together for you below. If my review and our coverage hasn’t persuaded you to seek out the film, then perhaps this will.

The Revenant stars David Anders and Chris Wylde.

Fangoria: Can you tell us about The Revenant’s long trip to theaters—what caused the delay, and how did it finally achieve release?

D. Kerry Prior: I don’t know—the confluence of various events, I guess. It’s hard to get distribution, you know? I know that once we got into negotiating, it could

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