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The Dead Inside Brings the First Zombie Musical to Homes November 20th!

There are few zombie musicals that have been released. In fact, this film fan cannot think of a single one. Travis Betz's (Lo) latest feature blends music, horror and comedy. Centrally a tale of love and creativity, The Dead Inside follows Wes (Dustin Faschng) and Fi (Sarah Lassez) as they try to propel themselves out of a rut. The trailer for The Dead Inside, hosted below, shows Fi and Wes finding an undead solution. They sing songs of hilarity as the imaginary or real zombie apocalypse infuses them with new passion. The Dead Inside will release November 20th on DVD through Monarch Home Entertainment. Release Date: November 20th, 2012 (DVD). Director/writer: Travis Betz. Cast: Sarah Lassez and Dustin Fasching. The trailer for the film is here: $sb("28da006_228f497662bcae84a71fea33b7b16f33",{"sbFeed":{"partnerId":731,"type":"video","contentId":540091,"cname":"28dayslateranalysis"},"style":{"width":480,"height":400}}); google.

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