Blu-ray: The Tigger Movie: Bounce-a-Rrrific Special Edition – A Successful Allegory on Family Values

The Tigger Movie may not have the riche cache of songs you would expect from a Disney movie, but it more than makes up for its lackluster music roster with a heartfelt allegory on the modern family. Now on Blu-ray, The Tigger Movie comes home with some additional “bounce.”

Labeled the “Bounce-a-RRRific” Special Edition, the new Blu-ray contains ten animated shorts, a “Tigger Tale” featurette with the production team and a few family tree stickers for offline family fun.

The Tigger Movie begins with a familiar opening. Tigger (voiced by Jim Cummings) bounces in on his friend Winnie The Pooh and lands squarely on Pooh’s stomach, much to the bear’s chagrin. Tigger is in the mood for some bouncing, but unfortunately none of his friends in the 100-Acre Mile have the time or interest in joining him. Well, nobody except for Roo (voiced by Nikita Hopkins), who looks

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