Exclusive: Elias Plagianos Talks About Making 'The Crimson Mask'

The main characters of the new film The Crimson Mask represent a phenomenon not uncommon in modern society. For years, both Parker and Thomas Caine lived far beyond their means, accumulating debts that now seem insurmountable. Caine is a seemingly well-to-do businessman who finds his options drying up as the debt collectors are closing in; meanwhile, Parker is a washed-up fighter in the Terry Malloy mold—a coulda-been contender who never saved for a rainy day.

Each man is desperate for the means to break from the past and start life over, sans his crushing financial burden. Enter the Crimson Mask, an ancient ritual that could provide Caine and Parker with the salvation they’re looking for, provided either can survive a rite-of-passage involving guns, swordplay, and characters whose intentions may not always be what they appear. Part-fantasy, part-noir, The Crimson Mask has performed remarkably well on the festival circuit to-date,

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