Tennis, Anyone? Six Films To Celebrate The U.S. Open

Tennis, Anyone? Six Films To Celebrate The U.S. Open

by Jessica Marshall

You don't have to be court-side at Flushing Meadows to get in on the action at the U.S. Open. While you're watching the biggest stars in the sport of tennis from the comfort of your own home stadium seating, you can also watch some of your favorite movie stars volley and backhand their way to cinematic tennis glory.

While great movies that give the sport of tennis center court are few and far between, there are several that score big. Here are a few, in tennis terms, that make game, set and match.

Serve: "Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Pro"

Steve Stiffler Seann William Scott adds another sporting notch to his belt as a former-tennis-pro-cum-school-janitor who finds his calling as a coach and takes a ragtag group of high-schoolers all the way to the state championships. If you've never heard of this film, it's most

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