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Abhinav Chaturvedi Aka ‘Nanhe’ Of ‘Hum Log’ Got Hospitalized

Abhinav Chaturvedi Aka ‘Nanhe’ Of ‘Hum Log’ Got Hospitalized

July 28, 2010: Actor Abhinav Chaturvedi, who became popular as ‘Nanhe’ of Doordarshan’s ‘Hum Log’, is not doing well and he had to be hospitalized last week.

Abhinav, the Delhi-based artist informed, “I was running under fever, which continued for almost one week. Following this, I went to doctor for a checkup and was hospitalized immediately. The lungs got filled with water so doctor suggested an instant operation. I am feeling much better after the operation. I have been advised to take complete bed rest so resting at home”.

In 1984, the actor played the role of the charming ‘Nanhe’ in the first soap opera of Indian television. Incidentally, the show is again coming back.

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