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Gamera vs. Barugon DVD Review

Gamera vs. Barugon Directed by: Shigeo Tanaka Written by: Nisan Takahashi Starring: Koji Fujiyama, Kojiro Hongo, Kyoko Enami, Takuya Fujioka Barugon is the most grounded monster in the original Showa Gamera series, a beast that shoots ice from the tip of its tongue and a rainbow from its back. That says something for what was to come next. It's important that Barugon (not to be confused with rival Toho's creation Baragon) provides something to look at, something that makes him interesting, because he dominates this film. Despite the title, the infamous flying, flame-spitting terrapin Gamera is physically on-screen for all of about ten minutes the entire movie. In fact, the opening sequence, detailing Gamera's escape from the Z-Plan rocket used to remove him from the planet in the original film, is all rather pointless in terms of story and progress, although it is quite a sight. Arriving back on Earth,

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