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The Top 40 Hottest Guys of New York Theater!

It's no surprise that summer tends to bring out the hottest guys in New York. And as the dog days of summer start to wane on the streets of the Big Apple, it's time to once again turn our attention to where the hottest of the hot like to spend their time: the New York stage.

Sure, movies and television have their share of rippling abs, but glimpsing a hottie on the screen is nothing compared to the live, in-the-flesh experience. So without further ado, we present the Hottest Guys of New York Theater!

Cesar Abreu

Ricky Martin isn't the only sexy stud to come to us via the pop group Menudo - we can thank our lucky stars we also get the stunning, studly Cesar Abreu. Currently dancing for the Metropolitan Opera, Cesar has also, unsurprisingly, been featured many times in the annual stripfest Broadway Bares.

Nick Adams

No stranger to this list,

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