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King of comedy Kevin Eldon finally makes his Edinburgh solo debut

Comic actor's cameos have lit up classics from Fist Of Fun to Four Lions, but at a rate of 'one poem a year', it's been a long road to the Edinburgh festival fringe

If you were putting together a highlights reel to sum up the career of comedy actor Kevin Eldon, you'd be absurdly spoiled for choice in terms of material. The obsessive hobbyist Simon Quinlank and the manic, one-armed jelly-loving Rod Hull impersonator in Fist Of Fun. The chuckling racist at the party in the last episode of I'm Alan Partridge. The Russian barber whose cat meets a notably unpleasant end in Nathan Barley. Confused Terry Tyrrell, given a fake terminal diagnosis by his wife in Nighty Night. The kindly father happily exposing his daughter to psychological torture to keep her off drugs in Brass Eye. When you look at the range of stuff he's done and the consistently high quality of his work,

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