Bill Murray vs. Barry Bostwick. Two FDRs Enter. Only One Leaves. Who Is the Real American Badass?

Now here's a deathmatch for ya! In this cool little mash-up video Barry Bostwick and Bill Murray battle it out in two competing Fdr movies this fall - Fdr: American Badass vs. Hyde on Hudson. Bostick For The Win!

From the Press Release

The shocking secret history of our 32nd American President is finally revealed in what critics are calling “nothing short of hilarious” (Todd Rigney, Beyond Hollywood), the triple-threat action/horror/comedy Fdr: American Badass, available on DVD September 25th from Screen Media. A sensation at this year’s Comic-Con, the film stars Barry Bostwick, of TV’s “Spin City,” “Cougar Town” and The Rocky Horror Picture Show fame, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who, after being left crippled by a werewolf bite, decides to run for President in order to stop a global werewolf curse controlled by Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito.

Joining Bostwick in the ass-kicking fun is a

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