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Geoffrey Rush, Fred Schepisi and Alexandra Schepisi talk about The Eye Of The Storm

On a drizzly, still hot and humid, post-storm afternoon in New York, I talked to The Eye Of The Storm director Fred Schepisi, his daughter, actress Alexandra Schepisi and Geoffrey Rush about everything storm related: Shakespeare, Australian manhood in the early 70s, sword fighting, intellectual cuts, and American emotions.

Director Fred Schepisi (his name "rhymes with Pepsi", he confirms) has taken on the seemingly impossible task of bringing Nobel Prize winning novelist Patrick White's book to the screen. "Many have tried and failed," Schepisi states, including Joseph Losey, with an unrealised adaptation of White's Voss. "Too interior," is the problem. Rush, who plays Sir Basil, famous actor, returning son, tortured soul, knew Patrick White late in his life and was involved in a couple of his plays. So were several of the other actors in the film, like Helen Morse (Lotte, German Cabaret artist and cook) John Gaden, and Robyn Nevin,

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