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'Robot Chicken DC Comics Special' Harkens Back To 'Super Friends,' Kevin Shinick Says

by Ryan Rigley

If there's one thing that fans have taken away from Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" it's that there's never a shortage of comic book-related humor. It's no wonder that the Emmy award-winning stop-motion series has set its sights on the entirety of the DC Comics universe for their latest venture, the "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special," premiering September 9 on Adult Swim at midnight.

"We show you exactly why Aquaman is part of the Super Friends," Seth Green, co-creator of "Robot Chicken," told MTV News about the premise behind the special. "After all his putting up with this abuse, his moment has come to shine ... and slip on a puddle."

Kevin Shinick, the creative director behind "Robot Chicken," also spoke with MTV and told us how this DC parody of massive proportions first came to fruition. "You know we had done the 'Star Wars' special and

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