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Ask the Flying Monkey: Does the Fashion Industry Hate Women Because it’s Made up of Gay Men?

This week: Judgmental lesbians, gay humor that isn’t offensive, how to deal with lying, anti-gay sacks of s**t!

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Q: I was having a discussion with a lesbian on the hideous impact the fashion industry has had on women. As a fat girl and a lover of fashion, I'm pretty vocal on how I feel about the industry -- that is, if Karl Lagerfeld were ever to cross my path, I will throw sandwiches at him. The lesbian I was talking with about that happily agreed. Then the debate soured. Her explanation on the body issues in the fashion industry? It's because it's run by gay men, and, of course, they're not attracted to curves so they make their models look like "young boys." Naturally this infuriated me,

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