'Parenthood' Is Back! 10 Favorite Braverman Moments

Crosby's married, Haddie is off to school, Drew has made the next step with his girlfriend Amy and there's a rocky road ahead for Sarah and Mark thanks to special guest Ray Romano come fourth season. Parenthood is officially back ya'll, and we couldn't be happier to watch what the Bravermans have in store for us! For the big occassion we've put together some of the best moments the NBC series has shared with viewers. (Or at least, the reasons why people should stay tuned!) Check it out below!

1. The Braverman dance

There's no way around this one. The Braverman's can come off a bit cheesy to some, but for the rest of us we just love when they dance! This is especially the case when Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen and Dax Shepard get in one room together. The four were casted perfectly as the Braverman siblings.

2. Haddie

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