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Tiff 2012: Ghost Graduation Review

Javier Ruiz Caldera's Ghost Graduation mashes-up The Sixth Sense, Heart and Souls, and The Breakfast Club, and does so with a big smile on its face. Happily aware of the clichés of ghost films, Ghost Graduation has plenty of fun embracing the major rules of the genre (body possession, walking through walls, etc.) while still poking fun at the little quirks. Caldera and his charming cast have created a sweet film that never gets too saccharine, and a nice parody that never becomes too self-aware. Modesto (Raúl Arévalo) has seen dead people since he was in high school. As an adult, he has become a frequently-fired teacher as he continues to see ghosts despite medication and therapy. When a high school begins experiencing an irritating amount of supernatural activity, the open-minded principal, Tina (Alexandra Jiménez), hires Modesto, and they realize that he's not crazy because the school is haunted

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