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Exclusive: Cinema Retro Interviews Elsa Martinelli

Elsa Martinelli reads the article in Cinema Retro #23 about the filming of Howard Hawks' Hatari! (Photo copyright: Roland Schaefli. All rights reserved.

By Roland Schaefli

When Elsa Martinelli checked out our “Hatari!” article in issue #23 of Cinema Retro while attending the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, she enlightened us about how she induced baby elephants to follow her around in the film. Not surprisingly, we ended up following her everywhere. Here are a few highlights of one of our discussions.

We did an article about the making of “Hatari!” and how the locations look today.

Oh. They must have changed a lot.

Not that much. The Ngorongoro Crater (where the pre title sequence was shot) is full of tourists, of course.

Back then, we were to first to actually go down there. But you were very lucky to travel there nowadays. You know, we were there four months and

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