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An Ineptly Planned Thriller That Couldn't Steal a Pack of Gum, Nevermind "Las Vegas"

No one should expect a small independent bank heist film to ooze the charm of Ocean’s 11, but it’s not unreasonable to demand that filmmakers at least be competent in the basic tenets of their craft if they’re going to expect people to pay to see it. The directors, editors, writers, and actors of Stealing Las Vegas can’t boast that modest claim, and so what we end up with is a sloppily crafted film with horrible performances and shoddy technical construction that makes it painful to watch. The most it has going for it is an antagonistic role by Eric Roberts, but even the shots of him have major issues and the story he’s helping to tell has less of a skeleton than it does a series of plotholes held together by nothing whatsoever.


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