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Nfdc Screenwriters' Lab 2010: Profiling the screenwriters

The first part of Nfdc’s (National Film Development Corporation) Screenwriters’ Lab 2010 will be held at the Locarno International Film Festival from August 7-9. The three day session will provide the participants an opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of the international film community and to train with their screenplay mentors.

As the six screenwriters whose scripts have made it to the lab set out for Locarno tomorrow, DearCinema gets in touch with them to find out more about them and their scripts:

'Into The World' by Ben Rekhi

An award-winning writer, producer and director, Ben Rekhi (31) has worked both in Hollywood and Bollywood. He has made several short films as well as worked with New Line Cinema, MGM, and Sony. He has directed several music videos in India and the U.S. Rekhi’s directorial debut, Waterborne, starring Shabana Azmi won an audience award at SXSW, Texas and is

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