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The Lone Ranger Crew Member Drowns On Set

Update: An unidentified crew member died while filming The Lone Ranger. He was setting up to film an underwater scene; he was not a stuntman. The crew member had a heart attack after drowning and was dead by the time he reached the hospital. The death did Not occur during filming.

Feb. 17, 2012 -- Country singer turned actor Dwight Yoakum is departing The Lone Ranger, in which he was to play villain Butch Cavendish. Deadline reports he had to quit due to a scheduling conflict.

Dec. 8, 2011 --Ruth Wilson (in the upcoming Anna Karenina) and Tom Wilkinson (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Green Hornet, Batman Begins) will play the female lead "Rebecca Reid" and the villain "Latham Cole," respectively, in The Lone Ranger.

Source: Deadline

Oct. 13, 2011: Just announced, The Lone Ranger is scheduled for release on May 31, 2013 (it was originally set for Christmas 2012).

Oct. 13, 2011: Hi-ho Silver! The Lone Ranger is back on the horse!

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