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Robsten Seems Primed To Join The Other Lucky Celeb Couples Who Survived A Cheating Scandal

Well you guys, it looks like Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are co-habitating again…if they ever weren’t cohabitating to begin with. Robsten certainly has a long, messy, tear-soaked road ahead of them if they want to sort out their relationship issues, but as of today, it looks like they’re planning to join the other (extremely, extremely lucky) celeb couples who weathered a cheating scandal. Good luck, you two! In case you’re interested, there’s probably more than a few lessons to be learned from…

Kathie Lee & Frank Gifford

Kathy Lee might be blissfully enjoying Wine-sday with Hoda every week now, but in 1997 her world was rocked by the revelation that her husband Frank had cheated on her with flight attendant Suzen Johnson. It probably didn’t help that Johnson went public with the intimate/gross details, but as of today Kathy and Frank are still going strong.

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