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Robert Boyle obituary

Hollywood production designer who worked with Alfred Hitchcock on North By Northwest

Two of the great set pieces in Alfred Hitchcock's oeuvre are the thrilling climax of North By Northwest (1959), in which Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint are chased across the faces of the giant stone-carved presidents on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, and the bird's-eye view of seagulls as they swoop down on Tippi Hedren, trapped in a phone booth in The Birds (1963). Much of the impact of these scenes was due to the art director Robert Boyle, who has died aged 100. Boyle also worked with Hitchcock on Saboteur (1942), Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and Marnie (1964). "It was a meeting of equals," Boyle stated. "The director who knew exactly what he wanted, and the art director who knew how to get it done."

Simply put, the director conceives scenes, the art director creates them and the cinematographer captures them.

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