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Exclusive Game Interview: Dead Space 2 Product Manager Matt Bendett

Recently, we spoke with Matt Bendett, Product Manager at Visceral Games (EA), about Dead Space 2. After playing through the demo, we discussed some of the necormorphs revealed in the game, including the TriPod. "It's this massive beast that comes down out of the Church of Unitology," Bendett stated. "He's going to pin Isaac to ground and drag him to his death if he can. If you're Isaac you got to try to get out of that grip before it's night-night for you." We also talked about the Javelin Gun, one of the hot new guns in Dead Space 2. It allows you to pin your enemies to the wall and also deliver a secondary electric blast. Dead Space 2 comes to the Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 25, 2011. Gunner Wright (The Losers, Bro, Alluvial) voices Isaac Clarke and Tanya Clarke (Repo Men, The Last Gamble) voices Nicole ...

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