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New Trailer from Lionsgate for Upcoming Found Footage Film 'Bigfoot County'

By David Harkness,

Lionsgate and Grindstone recently acquired North American Rights to the found footage Bigfoot Film Bigfoot County.

Based on true-events, the motion-picture puts a scary twist on a classic legend. Check out the official trailer below the details.

From The Press Release:

Lionsgate and its Grindstone Entertainment Group have acquired all North American rights for the motion-picture Bigfoot County, about a group of documentary filmmakers who ventured into the area known for Bigfoot sightings, never to be seen again. Their footage was found a year later. Grindstone Entertainment, which has a distribution deal with Lionsgate, will release the thriller in the U.S. and Canada on December 11, 2012.

The film was directed and produced by Stephon Stewart. Alongside producing the film are Joey Napoli and Johnnie Colter.

Based on found footage. A documentary filmmaker and his crew venture up to Siskiyou County, known for their Bigfoot sightings.

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