Trailer for upcoming "Gegege no Nyobo" film adaptation

A trailer for Takuji Suzuki‘s adaptation of Gegege no Nyobo has been uploaded to the film’s official YouTube channel. The film is based on an autobiographical novel by Nunoe Mura, wife of “Gegege no Kitaro” creator Shigeru Mizuki, and comes on the heels of a TV drama based on the same work which is currently in the middle of its run on Nhk.

Like the drama, it covers the couple’s relationship as Mizuki, whose real name is Shigeru Mura, toiled in obscurity before finally becoming a famous manga writer after years of hard work. Back in June it was revealed that Kazue Fukiishi will play Nunoe and actor/playwright Kankuro Kudo will play Shigeru, taking over the roles played by Nao Matsushita and Osamu Mukai in the TV drama.

The film premiered at the Pia Film Festival on July 21, 2010 and will be publicly released by Phantom Film

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