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Overlooked At Cannes 2010: Review of Little Baby Jesus Of Flandr

Year: 2010

Directors: Gust Van Den Berghe

Writers: Gust Van Den Berghe & Felix Timmermans (novel)

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: Rick McGrath

Rating: 7 out of 10 (average)

Little Baby Jesus of Flandr is one helluva wacko arthouse flick, even for wacko arthouse flicks. You’ll find out why in a minute. It’s also a vague retelling of the story of the Three Magi, and appears to either celebrate a romantic, naturalistic version of Christianity, or is a not-so-subtle dig at how the power of religious ceremonies can influence the mind. That either/or choice seems to be at the heart of this oddly fascinating flick.

Writer/director Gus Van den Berghe concocted Little Baby Jesus (Lbj) as an extension of his film school graduation project. Seeing as it wowed them at Cannes, I’m guessing he passed. The original story is a 1924 play by Felix Timmermans, a Flanders writer obsessed with religious themes,

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