The Forgotten: Cold Warrior

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) is Anthony Mann's last film, or perhaps not: he died during production, and the remaining footage, including the film's ending, was shot under the direction of the star, Laurence Harvey. Original author and screenwriter Derek Marlowe wrote of Harvey's contribution, "He directed his own mis-talent, changed it and the script – which is rather like Mona Lisa touching up her portrait while Leonardo is out of the room." Which is the first of many problems the film presents in the path of anyone trying to appreciate it.

Even those who decry the auteur theory (and I've been known to do so myself, depending on whether I'm being employed as a screenwriter or director) may admit, if pressed, that the director is the only person suitably placed to oversee every aspect of a film and ensure a measure of balance and coordination: in other words, the

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