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Three Stooges On The Big Screen October 5-6, Redford Theatre, Detroit

The Redford Theatre in Detroit announces a Three Stooges Film Festival this weekend: 

The Redford Theatre is happy to present another  "Three Stooges Festival" for your laughing pleasure this weekend. We've selected six of the their funniest shorts featuring Curly, Moe, and Larry, for a total of 2 hours of hilarious slapstick comedy. In "Three Little Pigskins," watch for a very young blonde Lucille Ball in one of her earliest movie roles. Note that the teams shown on the football scoreboard are actually baseball teams -- the Cubs (Chicago), and our own Tigers. It wasn't all fun and games making this film. Curly broke a leg riding down a dumbwaiter, and Larry lost a tooth to a mis-timed punch.

Two of the slapstick routines in "Three Little Beers" were deemed to be such classics that they were incorporated in the recently released "Three Stooges" movie. The Pygmalion theme of "Hoi Polloi

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