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First Word on Paranormal Thriller Terrible Angels

Terrible Angels, a new thriller from writer/director Anthony Pierce and producer/star Una Jo Blade, will have its Los Angeles premiere during the 8th annual La Femme Film Festival, running October 11-14, 2012.

From the Press Release:

Produced by the Oregon-based Thumbscrew Pictures and Toeknee Films, this tough love tale also stars Michael Madsen as Ben Nolan, a detective sent to a state penitentiary to investigate the story of convicted prostitute and known drug dealer Linda Grossel (Blade). Over the course of Nolan’s interview Linda explains that she was abducted and held captive for several weeks by a sadistic man named Justice (Hank Cartwright), who buried several of his other hostages alive. Knowing that Linda’s future is in abeyance but for his decision on her sanity, Ben determines to uncover the truth as he sifts through her elaborate stories. As his investigation unfolds, Ben soon discovers similar stories

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