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Great Expectations

Today's modern woman is expected to balance a successful career, a healthy family life, and a thrilling social agenda, all while looking fabulous—at least, that's what the magazine covers would like us to believe. In reality, balancing work, family, and social obligations is much more of a harried juggling act. The decision to start a family while pursuing a career as an actor can be doubly tricky. Unlike other professions, an actor's work is often contingent on physical appearance. After years of paying dues, many actors may be hesitant to begin a family while holding out for greater success and the financial security it could bring. But it's a Catch-22. When the big break arrives, there may not be time to start a family. How does the modern actor have her cake and eat it too while preparing for a new addition to the family? Los Angeles actor Michelle Gunn faced this very dilemma.

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