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Sitges 2012 Review: Blood-c The Last Dark Brings Mixed Closure To The Franchise

The Blood-c saga is the latest entry in the long running Blood: The Last Vampire franchise, which has spanned different media such as novels, manga, TV series and films. Produced in collaboration by Production I.G and famous manga creators Clamp, Blood-c puts a new spin on the story of Saya, the young katana wielding schoolgirl in her fight against the forces of darkness. Blood-c: The Last Dark is the film that serves as closure to the 2011 anime series. I have to say that I haven't seen the series, so I watched the film without previous knowledge of the Blood-c universe.In a near-future Tokyo, the government has enacted the Youth Protection Ordinance, a law the imposes a curfew for the minors to be out at...

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