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[TV] Acceptance

Taylor Rockefeller’s life sucks. Her mom is pressuring her to pick an Ivy League school even as her grades slowly fall, her parents are separating, and she has this teeny tiny problem with stealing her neighbors’ mail. Nothing is going right for her, until she visits Yates College. Yates is everything Taylor (played by Mae Whitman of TV’s Parenthood) is looking for in a school, and she knows it is where she is meant to be.

While her classmates prep for Harvard and MIT, Taylor must find a way to prove to the interim Dean of Admissions that she is Yates material. But can she get into one of the top 50 ranked schools in America (even if they were accidentally placed on the top 50 list) when even her admissions essay on Mother Teresa winds up being depressing?

Acceptance is an over the top look at what the underachievers

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