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Magical Mystery Tour – The Blu Review

The Beatles only starred in four films together (not counting the animated Yellow Submarine which they didn’t even voice) yet two of them have been virtually impossible to see in any home viewing format for decades. A Hard Day’S Night and Help were both acclaimed successes with long histories of VHS and DVD releases but Let It Be, a 1970 documentary showing how the Beatles rehearsed in preparation for a new live tour, despite winning an Oscar for Original Song Score, has never been seen since its original theatrical release. Let It Be captured the Fab Four as they were in the process of breaking up, bickering and acting chilly to each other in a most un-Beatle-like fashion. The other “lost” Beatles film is the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour, a 53-minute psychedelic road trip first broadcast on the BBC. Magical Mystery Tour is now available on Blu-ray from Capitol Records

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