“Night Of The Devils”: Nsfw clips and video intro

“Night Of The Devils”: Nsfw clips and video intro

Here are some of the bloody, Nsfw highlights of this macabre masterpiece, in stunning hi-def:


Here is Alexander’s intro:


Other features on the Night Of The Devils disc include new and improved English subtitle translation, the original trailer, a video interview with Alexander, a video interview with composer Giorgio Gaslini and a fully illustrated booklet on the genesis and production of the film. Night is based on Tolstoy’s story “The Wurdulak” (previously adapted as a segment in Mario Bava’s Black Sabbathp) and tells of a nameless, mentally ill man (Gianni Garko) who is found wandering in the woods, his mind lost in fever dreams of gruesome, sexual imagery. After being admitted into a psychiatric hospital, the man flashes back to his nightmarish encounter with a backwoods family whose dynasty holds a centuries-old curse. What follows is a night of unrelenting horror.

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